We offer a challenging 中学 curriculum with an emphasis on academic rigor, 全球意识, 责任 and leadership.


MS英语课堂Shady Side Academy 中学 serves a coed population of approximately 205 students in grades 6-8. 我们35-acre 校园 is located in the Fox Chapel suburb of Pittsburgh.

The 中学 is a place of transition for young adolescents who are growing at a rapid pace socially, emotionally and intellectually. 我们的 mission is to help students gain greater independence in their academic and overall school life as they prepare for the challenge of high school. Here they begin to make choices, take on more responsibilities and learn to advocate for themselves in a supportive environment that encourages intellectual risk-taking.


我们的 学术项目 balances inquiry, skill development, critical thinking and subject mastery. 学生 develop as communicators and as scholars – gaining valuable writing skills and effective study habits, which will prepare them to succeed at subsequent levels of their education. We celebrate innovation, instill confidence and foster leadership. 学生 learn to reason logically, to use factual information to support their ideas, and to present persuasive and cohesive arguments.

Hands-on projects and experiential learning opportunities permeate the curriculum, ensuring students gain a complete understanding of critical concepts, such as those grasped in three language options – including Chinese – and accelerated math courses.


Life at the 中学 is a balance of academics, arts and athletics. 学生 uncover hidden talents and pursue their passions as they participate in our required co-curricular program of 体育和活动 每一项. 这些机会, along with our advisory system, help students think about who they are and who they would like to become.

With caring adults to nurture, 引导和激励他们, students become proficient learners and gain an understanding of how to be better citizens in an ever-changing, 多样化的世界. Adherence to our Guiding Principles of respect, 诚实, 责任, safety and kindness grounds everything that we do.

生命中的一天 of the 中学


8th Grade Catapult Design Project


Equipped with only pencils and rubber bands, eighth graders compete to design and construct the strongest catapult. By following supply and time constraints, students embrace efficiency and creativity in the engineering process.