Our boarding program inspires friendships and fosters independence. 这是如何.



We consider our boarding community an extended family that learns, 玩s and grows together. All of this takes place in a supportive environment staffed by 成年人 dedicated to the success and well-being of every student.

By living with peers from across the country and around the world, boarders develop a global perspective and an appreciation for diverse backgrounds. 作为校园居民, they benefit from greater access to school resources, including evening study hours with teachers and more time in the gym or art studio. 有指导和欧博体育, they gain independence in a structured and safe community, which helps prepare them for a smooth transition to college.



寄宿生可以和我们住在一起 五天或七天 一个星期. Five-day boarding is perfect for families who live close to Pittsburgh, allowing students to skip the daily commute and develop independence while spending weekends with family. For families living a greater distance away or abroad, seven-day boarding offers an immersive experience complete with weekend activities. 寄宿常见问题.


Our boarding program is a small, close-knit community. With a 3:1 residential student-to-faculty ratio, dorm advisors and faculty living on campus get to know our boarders well and develop strong relationships with them. 每天晚上, the residential life team and their families join boarders for dinner, giving students the opportunity to know them as people outside of the classroom. 见见住宿生活团队.


The tuition for SSA's boarding program is considerably less than the national average. However, we recognize that an independent school education is a significant financial investment. Approximately 30 percent of SSA students receive financial assistance, and boarding merit scholarships are available. 了解更多欧博体育支付SSA的信息.


The 匹兹堡市 offers tremendous resources for all Shady Side students. Seven-day boarders have the opportunity to spend their weekends experiencing all the city has to offer: a thriving arts community, 美丽的河流和公园, 优秀的职业运动队, neighborhoods with distinct personalities and more. 发现匹兹堡.


7天寄宿生, our residential life staff and student prefects plan a variety of fun activities in the evenings and around Pittsburgh on the weekends:

  • 开放的健身房
  • 打开游
  • 开放欧博体育工作室
  • Wiffle球
  • 夺旗
  • 极限飞盘
  • 宿舍提要
  • 开放的滑冰
  • 文化区表演
  • 博物馆
  • 看电影和购物
  • 匹兹堡观光
  • 匹兹堡海盗队或企鹅队的比赛
  • 皮划艇,雪橇,攀岩
  • 保龄球和激光枪战
  • 逃离房间
  • Campfires, cookie baking, movie nights and more!


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"It's impossible to know who my daughter would be now if she were not boarding, but I believe that her boost in confidence and improvement in academics is directly related to being a seven-day boarder. She has dozens of friends, role models and support people. She has learned to be responsible and has been encouraged to be empathetic and supportive of others."


"I really do believe that my education at Shady Side would not have been as complete without my boarding experience. I became a more complete person as a boarder, and I gained valuable friendships that continue to grow today."